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Why us?
SYNAPTIC SBS is a software developing company and systems integrator based in Bucharest, Romania. We work closely with our group partners to provide a ‘one-stop’ solution.
Five reasons:
1. We have innovative technical expertise.
Synaptic has a 8+ years history of state of the art software development. We have always worked with the most leading edge technologies available. There is no project „too big” or „too hard” – we always build you the best solution available.
2. We’re affordable.
We undeniably offer more value than any nearest competitor. We’re not cheap but we can beat any offer that has the same technical/quality/support features, because we mostly rely on internal software development and our main goal is to spread our solutions.
3. We have an amazing team.
We only hire talented individuals with solid background (majors in software engineering, IT, mathematics or cybernetics). We strongly think that 1 talented developer can replace 20 „shovel-working” developers. Our unique interviewing process is completely out of the box and assures that we find the best people that will fit in our organization – all employees are trained with internal resources.
4. We don’t sell boxes - we offer you solutions
Just like all complex systems, software systems are usually hard to be a perfect fit to all organizations – this is why we offer our expertise in building and adjusting our solutions to fit best in your organization. From custom software project to existing products, you can count on us to be able to tailor-cut a solution for you.
5. We take support seriously.
All our solutions have a Service Level Agreement that assures the continuous support for the software that you bought. From simple application usage questions to complex problems that may occur in a corporate network we have a team ready to give you the answer – on the phone, on our help-desk platform, using remote tools or even on-site intervention.