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Synaptic developers are committed to delivering high-quality products to our customers and help them rely on the latest technology platforms available.

We have application development expertise in a range of technologies and teams with a focus on and dedication to their technology field of choice: .NET, Mobile, PHP and Java.

This allows us to get ingrained insight into the core development areas on the market and sharpen our technology knowledge and mastery to learn the best ways to build top-notch desktop, web and mobile solutions on time and within the budget, and amaze the end-users of the applications.

The .Net framework provides the core technologies for developing desktop application, web services and solutions. Our developers are determined to use all the benefits of .Net technology to create powerful applications meant for processing large amounts of data and ensuring its top of the line quality and complete security.

Languages: C#
Web platform: ASP.NET
Application servers: IIS, Cassini
Front-end: WinForms, Asp .NET WebForms, Silverlight, XAML, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, XML/XSL/XSLT
Data exchange: WCF/WF, ADO.NET,LINQ, NHibernate
Databases: MSSQL SERVER, MYSQL, Oracle
Deployment: NSIS
Third-party integrations: Vasco Digipass security OTP, PayPal API, Google API, Synaptic maps
Mobile technology is no more just a novel whim. It has become a part of our everyday life. Synaptic has a passionate mobile development team committed to the new standards of the mobile world. We will contribute to your mobile ideas and help your company grasp the mobile channel for your sales, marketing and idea distribution goals as well as jump-start your mobile enterprise plans. With Synaptic you’ll have your brand-new project up and running, keep your mobile product in service on par with industry standards and user demands or get your web channel optimized for mobile.

ANDROID: SDK 1.5+, Android emulator tools, Eclipse, Java
Windows Phone: Windows Mobile, .NET Compact Framework, Visual Studio, C#
Cross platform: Lua, jQuery Mobile, Unity
Mobile design: HTML5, CSS3, jQTouch, Lightweight jQuery, Responsd.js, Less Framework, Modernizr
PHP is one of the most popular web development language, which is accounted for by its cross-platform support, reliability and open-source nature. Our PHP web developers use the advantages of the script design clarity, easy embedding into HTML, huge libraries and architecture compatibility to provide stable, flexible and fast applications to business owners worldwide. We can ensure top of the line performance and industry-wide standards compliance of the delivered applications.

Languages: PHP5
Frameworks: Zend, CakePHP, Symfony
Template engine: Smarty
Database: MySQL, PostGreSQL
Front-end: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, XML/XSL/XSLT
Java has been proved a reliable technology delivering stability, security, and scalability for the clients’ web applications. Our professional Java developers know the challenge and provide the apps that both meet the customers’ needs and demands and meet the top-notch industry standards.

Languages: Java
Application web servers: Tomcat, WebSphere
Databases: Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL