PicoERP - small business management, Enterprise B - enterprise resource planning, HCollect - debt collection management, AcquiPRO - procurement software, AutoPark Inventory - inventory
and auto park management RFID/ANPR, HelpDesk - request/tecketing management software, MobileSFA - mobile sales and management, POS PRO - point of sales software, Repofone -
call-accounting, Deskfone - PBX control software and IVR, UNISFM Gateway - SMS gateway, Fax2Mail, e-mail monitor, Callcenter HD TaPI /Asterisk, RoboEYE ANPR - license plate recognition
IPSmart Alarm Monitor - alarm control system online, GPSky - GPS monitor, IntelliEye Video Surveillance - video surveillance software, DigiPass Integrator - One Time Password integration
software, BizINFO - company info, FTP++ - online file backup and sharing, Webmill - website management software, AS2SQL convertor - Active Directory mapper.